ExoNova, My First Electronic Album is Officially for Sale!

I've finally released my first electronic/rock album. Yay! This album is available for free on SoundCloud and for very cheap on BandCamp. You can also download it in nice little ZIP file. The album is for sale on several stores for those who want to support my musical endeavors. I truly enjoy writing and producing music, so any support I can get for this album will help me dedicate more time to doing what I love.

Vela Pulsar

Vela Pulsar is a fast, epic, and heavy metal song with a strong electronic influence. Vela Pulsar features a seven-string guitar, ambient synth elements, as well as multiple lead solos that overlap creating awesomely complex rhythms and melodies. I thought it would be interesting to combine an equal amount of metal with synthetic elements, hence Vela Pulsar was forged. The title of this song is based on the pulsating object observed through the constellation of Vela. The poorly understood and profound pulsars are astronomically powerful.

Lunar Maria

Lunar Maria is an epic symphonic electronic song with classic rock drums featuring a male and female choir, synthesized bass, distorted guitars, and a ton of ambient artifacts. Like many of the songs, this piece was written with the awesomeness (literally) of space and those who attempt to understand it. Our close satellite was once thought to be a god, obviously due to ignorance, but through the power of science we are now able to look at them and know what they truly are.

Retro Nostalgia

Retro Nostalgia, a song designed to resemble older video games, features lush pads and vintage analog synthesizer leads. This song is very melodic similarly to old-school game music but is mixed with the latest and greatest advanced digital instruments. Retro Nostalgia will make dig out your old game consoles in your closet, blow inside game cartridges, and plug in those controllers. This song was written with Super Nintendo and it's first party games such as Mario in mind.


Syzygy is an epic and powerful rhythmic song that features subtle lead synths and ethnic percussion. I find this song particularly special since I wrote it when I lived in Italy. It is a unique mix between industrial and electronic music. You will hear unusual sounds and more drums than can fit in a single room. With a gentle transition from one part of the song to another while having multiple melodies carefully intertwining, you will be hypnotized and left craving more.


Your journey begins. You look into the abyss. You are scared, but brave. This is the moment your whole life has been leading up to. You question whether you will survive this adventure. Regardless, the pilgrimage must be made. Catalyst is about traversing unknown places in search of a substance. It's simple flowing melody represents the human thought process's tendency to overreact when confronted with scary and unknown stimuli.

Perigee Reflection

Perigee Reflection is an ambient electronic metal song with melodic leads and some black metal influence. Like Vela Pulsar, Perigee Reflection combines synthetic drums and pads, and lead synths with distorted and clean guitar. I can't say I've come across a song that has strong black metal and digital synth facets combined. I originally planned to release Vela Pulsar with Perigee Reflection on their on own EP, but I decided they fit really well into this mostly electronic album.


Terraforming is an epic song with multiple evolving and dark sections that, in certain circumstances, makes the listener want to go outside and fight crime. It might also encourage you to explore, or perhaps dance in ways you never imagined. This would be the perfect song for the hero astronauts that colonize Earth #2 in the year 2264. This was the true first song I composed after learning how to engineer songs decently. It was my first real stab at electronic music, and surprisingly, it's one of my favorites. Its simple, effective, and entertaining.

Wise Thorian

Wise Thorian was created with epic action-packed cinematic videos and video games in mind. Its individual sections could easily be looped for gameplay or extended scenes. This pieces subtle melodies do no interfere with other sound and musical elements that might be present in visual art. Wise Thorian features subtle melodies for the first half in the song, then intense lead melodies towards the end. This musical piece has a strong emphasis on exotic percussion, modern synthesizers, and orchestral snippets to add some excitement to the mix.

Manipulative Lifeform

Will you be controlled? With the use of electromagnetic waves and neurotoxins, this unknown life-form is known to indoctrinate humans. Manipulative Lifeform features a simple rhythm, multiple synths, and a slow progression overlapping the dark and mysterious melody. Manipulative Lifeform is based on video game soundtracks, mystery scenes, potential futuristic and sci-fi events, and last but not least, the natural world.