Ryan possesses the rare combination creative vision, technical expertise and down-to-earth approachability. He was much loved by customers (and employees) for his patient and insightful training style. Ryan is always moving forward to challenge himself in new ways and it was a privilege to be a partner in his development.

Christina Spring

Talent Acquisition
Apple Inc. Retail Commerce and Digital Experience

I have known Ryan for a long time and have seen his work in a variety of areas. This is as much a personal recommendation as it is a professional one. Ryan is exceptionally self-motivated, knowledgeable, curious, and creative. His entrepreneurial spirit can be seen in his work and his ability to find the most efficient methods for tackling problems. When I used Ryan’s graphic design services he was careful to meet my specifications and produced multiple design prototypes to fine tune the exact design I wanted. I know Ryan will find success in his freelance work or working in companies as clients continue to realize he only puts his best work forward and strives to build strong relationships with those he works with.

Sean Barulich

NASA Intern
+ Senior Research Analyst at Strategic Business Insights

“AMAZING DETAIL - Working with Ryan Alvarado on my business card design was the best choice I could have made. We were in constant contact every step of the way. He puts a lot of thought into his designs and explains very well why he choose such designs. His work ethic is definitely the best I have seen out of anyone I have previously worked with. What I was most impressed by was the amount of detail he puts into his work. I will definitely be contacting him for my web site design."

Jesus Sahagun
Student, Audio Engineer & Freelance Musician


“Working with Ryan during the recording process of Crepuscle's "Draconian Winter" has been an absolute pleasure. His extensive knowledge of Logic Pro and the overall recording process has enabled him to bring my vision alive. He is very patient and willing to record a part as many times as necessary until a good take is captured. He has made some great suggestions musically that have enhanced certain parts in certain songs. His level of professionalism is unparalleled. He also happens to be a really friendly guy!"

Eligio Tapia
Founder & Frontman of Crepuscle


"I was referred to Ryan by another physician who Ryan has done a couple of websites and manages blogs for. Ryan did a great job and I was most impressed with his level of expertise in designing the websites and social networking. He was also very honest if he wasn't sure about something or need to research something. We took the website step by step and made it to the specifications that I requested. This being my first time having someone else make a website for me and Ryan was very patient during times of me being indecisive. It was really great having him so available during different times of the day and if he couldn't get back to me he would shoot off a quick email saying that the reply was coming within a certain time. Ryan also showed me how to manage my website myself so I had the option to use him or do it myself."

Dr. Jerome Lisk
Southern California Movement Disorder Specialists


"It has been a rare treat to find someone that is so accessible and provides so much information. Ryan has exceeded all of my expectations by providing expert advice and input. He is also enjoyable to work with because he explains things in laymens language. I thus recommend his web designer services without reservation."

Dr. Moshe Lewis, M.D.
The Pain Coach


"Ryan Alvarado joined Media Local Studios as an intern in 2008. He was diligent in his research, surveying competing audio/video, web, and media companies. The information he collected played an important role in understanding both our current position and opportunities for growth. Alvarado presents information in a clear and organized manner, with a strong proficiency in iWork.

Ryan Alvarado is passionate about music and media, with a willingness to learn and work hard. It is without a doubt, he will be a productive team member wherever he goes."

Michael McConnell
Media Local Studios Owner


"Details of the Recommendation: "Ryan's work is exceptional. I first used his services for a last minute marketing campaign and not only did he provide me with exactly what I needed within my budget on the first try, he also provided me with options at no charge which no other design agencies offered. He is professional, courteous and on time which made my decision to use his services in the future an easy one. I recommend Ryan to anyone needing quality design at a fair value."

Cody Dawson
Marketing Specialist

"You can pretty much make whatever you want [music-wise] sound good. You fucking own at what you do."

August Gruhn
Musician, Live Sound Engineer


“I am a manager at Noah's Bagels in Foster City located at 1000 Metro Center Boulevard. 94404. I had the privilege to have Ryan work for me for two years. He had a variety of responsibilities that other employees were not capable of maintaining. At Noah's we have a preparation position where the person has to make fruit salad platters, chicken salad, and many other kinds of salads as well.

This position is crucial to have a functioning store for customer satisfaction. Ryan had the position on weekends, because Noah’s is closed most of the time. Ryan is a nice guy, who is very polite to customers and was often complimented by them. Ryan is a team player who took many orders that I gave him in a fast-pace environment. Working with him relieved a ton of pressure off my shoulders and I would be glad to have him work for me again.”

Tim Welch