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I've been a multi-instrumentalist since I was eight and recorded my first solo metal album when I was 16. Today, I've recorded a plethora of songs that I've composed while also recording other bands.


Web & Graphic Design

I've been working with HTML and content management systems for over a decade. I started making logos and websites for my music projects when I was ten years old. I've designed websites, logos, and business cards for neurologists, craft-beer distributors, and world famous body builders.

Audio Engineer

I record, edit, mix, and master music and audio using Logic Pro X in conjunction with awesome sound-shaping plugins that I've handpicked over the past decade. Composing melodic and ear-candy songs is my forté.


“Ryan has exceeded all of my expectations by providing expert advice and input. He is also enjoyable to work with because he explains things in laymens language.”

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Royalty-Free Music

Need sound clips for your projects—presentations, video games, YouTube content—but aren't sure how the handle copyright? AudioJungle is my preferred guilt-free way to search for licensed music/FX.


I've been teaching guitar and how to use computers for half a decade. At my previous employer Apple Inc. I taught beginners and advanced users alike to get the most out of their technology.