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Quick Tip: Make your snare fatter via "doubling"

Everyone wants a fat snare and kick sound in this rock or metal mix. This is because having small wimpy drums personally reflections on you. If you do not have a meaty, buff, and confident kick or snare, you are not the hip studio owner and recording engineer everyone thought you to be. The kick and snare are the most importing part of your song. The entire song revolves around the snare. Without a good snare, your guitars will become acoustic and your vocalist will become Britney Spears. This is a well known fact in physics.

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Expensive Microphones: Who Needs Them?

Can you hear the difference between the $3,200 and the $400 microphones above? I sure can, but I don’t think either one sounds patently superior than the other. For this individual’s voiceover, I preferred the much cheaper Shure microphone over the golden standard Neumann microphone

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Remix My Song: Thermogenesis (Metal)

This technical death metal song will consume, then destroy you. It's fast, brutal, and has more notes than there are molecules in the ocean. Warning: trying to mix this song might cause you to give up on your recording hobby. I dare you to mix this mind-blowing song.

Thermogenesis Files

Thermogenesis Tempo + Time Signature Info

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Review: M-Audio ProFire 2626

For the average home studio owner, the M-Audio ProFire 2626 comes with all the accessories you would expect a consumer-grade recording interface to have. It includes the power cable, the FireWire 400 cable, the driver CD, a breakout cable for some more input options, and the unit itself. The ProFire series recording interfaces do not come with XLR cables (for plugging in microphones), ¼ plugs for guitars, nor a ¼ to 1/8 headphone adapter (although most high quality headphones should come with an adapter). You must purchase all of these separately. You won’t have to spend more than $50 on quality cables.

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Logic Preset: Twelve String Monster

(Logic 9 Only) This mysterious preset uses the EXS24’s Dual 12-string guitar preset along with many modulating effects, including a flanger and tremolo. It’s an eerie sounding effect. I imagine it would be great for a quite part of a rock song when few instruments are playing. It would add a unique flavor to a suspenseful part of a song. You could also loop the playback of this sample for your first date. Once she hears this bittersweet effect, she’ll be coming back for more.

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